Writers of the Month

Andrew K. Clark and Marijanet Doonan


Andrew K. Clark

Andrew K. Clark’s poetry has appeared in UCLA’s Out of Anonymity, Good Juju and Rain on Rooftops Review. Main Street Rag Press published Jesus in the Trailer, his first full-length collection of poetry, in the fall of 2019. His short story “Tangled Limbs” won second place in the 2018 Scribes Valley Short Story Contest. A native of Alexander, NC, near Asheville, Clark is searching for a home for his first novel, The Day Thief.







Andrew K. Clark

Winter Breeds Nothing


Winter breeds nothing


razor lines of clouds,

silver glass edges sharp.


Ice stretches its spine along the

wood frames of windows, finding

its way into splinters of gray.


The trees lay on their sides, fingers pointing skyward

like bones from deserted ribs, the soil

gone fallow, a long slow slipping.


Inside, she stirs the pot thickly, hand on brown hip

briefly exposed; the air is heavy with spice.

Our noses forget frost’s bite.


“Winter Breeds Nothing” © Andrew K. Clark (2019), from Reflections



Marijanet Doonan’s education in classical rhetorical criticism qualified her to be a Greek Empress, but the job market was slim. She earned degrees in psychology, education and psychiatry instead. An internationally recognized authority on brain functioning, she lectures nationally and internationally and has written extensively. She is a classical pianist, served on the boards of several symphonies and foundations, shows her champion Maltese dogs, and writes short stories and children’s picture books.


Marijanet Doonan

Writing Anguish


I write…and stop…and wish words would tumble

from my head onto the page in perfect lines.

Instead…thoughts crash from my brain

with little reference to specific categories –

perfect fumbles.


I write…and stop…and hope time will be forgiving

and keep words alive for future pages.

Instead…clutter reigns and thoughts are lost

without notes to glue ideas in place –

tragedies of daily living.


I write….and stop….and yearn for finished stories

with plot and characters intact between alluring covers.

Instead….beginnings haunt me and stories sit without words

waiting for missing endings –

unfinished lost glories.


I write…and stop ….and wonder why I cherish

this world of words, so painful in execution.

Instead…without it, no creation of imagined worlds

no characters to live in fantasies –

stories that silently perish.


“Writing Anguish” © Marijanet Doonan (2019), from Reflections


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