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Barry Dickson

Barry Dickson

Barry Dickson is a retired Creative Director. His poetry has appeared in journals including North American Review, PEARL, and HazMat Literary Review. He’s been a Hearst Poetry Prize finalist and received a Pushcart Prize “Special Mention.” http://barry-dickson.com

Barry Dickson

Message from My Late Mother to All Governments

In Memory: Lillian Davis Dickson Siswein


Here here, no fighting. Stop it!

Be careful with that, you’ll hurt someone.

All right you guys, knock it off.

Eh, eh, no hitting, no hitting…I don’t care

who started it. No hitting.

Don’t leave this place looking like a cyclone hit it.

What in the world is going on?

Now look what you’ve done.

You can find this story and many others in Reflections

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