Writers of the Month

Elizabeth Robin  and Jim Riggs


Elizabeth Robin

Elizabeth Robin retired after thirty-three years teaching high school English. She enjoys a second career as a writer on Hilton Head Island. Her first collection of poems, Silk Purses and Lemonade (Finishing Line Press, 2017) explores the challenges of the human experience, both personal and cultural.  A second chapbook, Where Green Meets Blue (Finishing Line Press, 2018), continues her lyric inquiry into loss and the struggle to maintain equilibrium.                   See more about her poetry, non-fiction and fiction at http://www.elizabethrobin.com.


A Maze


i walked the labyrinth today

after staring at cathedral ceilings


they say it mimics the twists and turns

life offers. but its stones are smooth

the path clear, each curve mapped


no choices

no disasters

no tears


just the mild joy

of a childish meander


persist, and find

life’s center


a mythical cliche

a fenced limbo

tied to dust and ashes


as in many paths

everyone arrives



“A Maze” © Elizabeth Robin (2017), from Ebb & Flow

Jim Riggs

Jim Riggs published his first novel, Freedom Run, in 2015.  A career mathematics teacher, he earned his BA from Iowa State Teachers College and MA from Northwestern Oklahoma State College.  He spent many of his retired years as a professional nature photographer, and shortly before his retirement, he began writing poetry and later stories of his family history.  Jim enjoys writing nonfiction and poetry, but loves fiction the most.  Two new novels and several short stories fill his time.


Living On a Water Planet


I watch as a storm pummels our island.

Dancing fronds oscillate, gyrating.

Tropical palms and live oaks confirm their strength

bending, whipping, almost unbreakable.


A storm anoints my world,

streaming rain

limiting my vision

to a million vertical lines.


Becoming ten again,

loating a carefully carved boat

in a water-filled gutter

rushing beside the hilly street, drifting toward ocean.


After a heavy rain,

I gather a can of night crawlers,

removing them from the pavement oven,

recycling them as fish bait.


During a summer rain, I lie sheltered

in my tent, dry, surrounded by cloudbursts,

istening to raindrops pounding on nylon,

feeling safe and comfortable.


I paddle in a summer rain, protected by rain gear,

water dripping off my cap,

watching raindrops explode on the river

mimicking miniature volcanoes.


I watch sun shining on an eastern sky

softly touching gently falling raindrops,

prisms bending light, spectrums,

forming a magical rainbow.


Walking in a prairie

after a summer rain,

I celebrate fresh, warm-weather flowers,

outlined in dew-like drops.


I live on a water planet,

where rain, streams, rivers, lakes,

marshes, estuaries, and oceans

enrich my life.


“Living on a Water Planet” © Jim Riggs (2017), from Ebb & Flow


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