Past General Meeting Programs


Feb:       Kerry Peresta – Demystifying the Query Letter Process

Mar:      Rockelle Henderson – Selling Your Book

Apr:       Carolyn Males – Local Press Release Targets & How to Tap In

May:     Alex Cruden – Memoirs

Jun:       Elizabeth Millen – PINK Magazine – “Celebrate Your Womentality”

Oct:       Jonathan Haupt – Pat Conroy Literary Center

Nov:      Bill Newby – Birthing a Poem: Personal Reflections on Inspiration, Craft & Audience 


Jan:       Jodie Randisi – Toastmaster Tips

Feb:      Henrik de Gyor – Self-Publishing (slides, audio)

Mar:     Lydia Inglett – The Beauty of Books (audio)

Apr:      Katherine Tandy Brown – Honing Your Writing Skills (audio)

May:    Miho Kinnas – On Poetic Forms: Haiku as an Example (slides, audio)

Jun:       Bill Newby – Birthing a Poem II (handout)

Sept:     Bob Taylor – Bringing a Reading Alive (handout)

Oct:     Clifford Brooks – Branding and Marketing (handout)

Nov:    Travels With Byron by Elizabeth Robin (handout)


Jan:     Michael Cerrati – Copyright Protections and Procedures

Feb:    IWN 20th Anniversary Project

Mar:   Self-Editing for Publication— Writing Like an Editor (handout)

Apr:   How to Identify and Vet Agents, Publishers and Contests by Jonathan Haupt (handout)

May:   Story Arcs by Ellen Malphrus (handout)

June:  Local Publications Writers Forum

Sept:  Second-Hand Advice from a Former U.S. Poet Laureate by Bill Newby

Oct: Publishing process by Jim Alberto

Nov: Writing Concisely by Alex Cruden (handout)


Jan:   Pitchapalooza Recap

Feb:   Words for Songs 

Mar:   Disappearance, Deception and Death

Apr – Jun: canceled due to COVID-19

Sept:   The Devil Is in the Details – Doing Research for Fiction and Non-fiction Stories by Susan Lindsey (handout)

Oct:   Submitting for Publication

Nov:   Self-Publishing Explained (slide deck)


Jan:  Promote your book

Feb:  Discuss future Anthology Ripples

Mar:  Truth and Lies in Mysteries

Apr:   Project partnerships and collaborations

May:  Pat Conroy Literary Center’s May online workshops





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